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Hi everyone!

Just a note,
If you are willing to translate Maru-MA oficials doujinshis Apollo 00 and/or Apollo 01 please feel free to contact me! You may translate it japanese-english, japanese-spanish, etc Just be sure you really want to translate it. Apollo 01 is really short while apollo 00 is bigger but not as a novel.
Apollo 00 (I think) tells the story of Maru-Ma rejected oficial ending.

I've been very busy lately but I'll see what to do.

Hoping with all my heart someone will want to translate it.
See you^^

KKM! Translations

Well, I could fix the old list xD So here the link:


Chinese KKM! Numbering~



At the end I could make this post xD I´m each day more and more busy, though it´s january!

All credits go to a friend of mine: Dannita. Who kindly made this post for me [I just translate it into english]. She investigated about KKM! novels and translate the chinese novels titles. 

Dannita thank you very much!

And thanks to lieselope  for let me use these chinese cover-images.


Chinise KKM! NumberingCollapse )


And if there is anybody who knows what is about that volume that isn´t numbered, please tell :3! 



KKM! Translations

KKM! Translations
Well, I couldn´t fix the other list , so I made this new one. Hope you like it^^
Thanks to all translators, editors, betas that did these translations :D
Just for the record, I HATE kkm manga, it just has TOO MUCH Conrad (I started to hate conrad a long time ago, I´m just buying its volumes to support kkm and hope novel 18 will ever be published)

Read more...Collapse )

Any mistake or if you know about another Novel Translation that is not in the list, Please tell us.

Differences in the KKM! numbering~



Hi! I´m new here, but I want to help a bit with this topic!

This is a problem I would say we all have had when we want to know exactly which novel we are reading : The different KKM! numerations xD . It´s not very troublesome at the beginning, but when you want to buy the german novel ( not the japanese one) you find yourself in enemy territory.

So this is the result of my headaches tryning to understand this thing and not buy a novel that´s already translated or a gaiden: 

First let´s see the "japanese" ( I´ll call it this way so we can differentiate ) novel and gaiden. Here is each novel with its respective number:

KKM German Numbering~Collapse )





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